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Say goodbye to manual data entry

Turn hours of work into minutes

Process improvement

Process improvement

Increased productivity

Increased productivity

Eliminate human error

Eliminate human error

Reduce costs and working times

Reduce costs and working times

Learn how it works Parsedoc and everything it can do for you and your company

Do not waste any more time manually entering data

Automate your documents and start increasing your company's productivity with Parsedoc.

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Forget about your document management

Forget about your document management

Automatic document recognition

Scalable system adapted to growth

Guarantee of success

Direct integration with your ERP

The satisfaction of our customers is our guarantee

The satisfaction of our customers is our guarantee

What they say about Parsedoc

Parsedoc effectively meets the digitization of documents on the data of the trained models. We are very happy with the service


Renewables & Environment CIO

Essential for intensive back office work. The effectiveness of the software, fast reading and integration of documents in the ERP, have meant a 360 degree change in our department. The simplicity of the tool makes it much easier to use.


Logistics and Supply Chain CTO

Parsedoc gives you the possibility to integrate RPA with OCR. It also has great reading speed and data processing. The integration with API surprised us for its ease. The tool works perfectly.


Managing Partner

This tool has improved the efficiency of our processes. The interface is very intuitive and has been integrated with different systems with which we work. We have been able to reduce the workload in document management by more than half.


Accounting Director

The software has captured all the fields that we require without any error. We have reduced to a minimum the time we spend on invoice and delivery note management in our company, and without perceiving errors in the documents managed.


Programme Development Director

Thanks to Parsedoc, we have managed to significantly reduce the processing time of the documentation (mainly invoices), automating the introduction of the data into the management platforms that are usual for us.


Financial service consultor


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Exponentia offers technological solutions to improve the productivity and profitability of your company.

With this purpose, we have developed Parsedoc, an automated document reading and processing system

Parsedoc, connected to the company's management systems, allows the reception, analysis and management of files commonly used in the company.

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